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Support Team Lilly Foundation

Congratulations to our BE THE CHANGE recipient of the $10,000 grant!  You can join us in supporting the work they are doing to be the change they want to see in the lives of children with your donation.  

Team Lilly Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation with the purpose of assisting families battling pediatric cancer. We grant financial assistance to patients and families who have been verified through the patients’ medical team at treating hospital. To help with bills, travel for treatment, birthday and cancer free bashes, holiday care packages to 200 kids three holidays a year, and too often than our hearts will ever accept, with funeral expenses.

If we are so fortunate to receive the grant of $10,000 we will allocate the money in this way.

The first $2520 will cover the cost to ship 140 Easter care packages to our fighters nationwide. Each fighter will receive a large priority flat rate box filled with, a blanket, handmade pillowcase, clothes, toys, earbuds or headphones, art supplies, coloring books, board games, a custom mug for mom or dad with a Starbucks gift cards and more surprises.

$4480 will go toward our financial assistance fund, to be used for meal delivery to inpatients, bill pay, travel for treatment, electricity bills, rent, car payments, gas cards and gift cards for groceries, birthday parties and funerals. The need will vary based on assistance requested. and lastly,

$3000 toward work and items needed for our work space and toward business costs for marketing and outreach.

We currently work out of our garage and have been able to convert it to our packing space. We need to paint, purchase tables and cabinets. bins for organization, packing materials such as tape, sharpies, scissors (the whole nine) We have not been able to make this project finished because when it comes to our donors money if it comes to a folding table or a meal for a family we always pick the family. This grant would allow us to finally make this space a priority.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and all that you do to make this world brighter.