Andrew Hale's Road to Recovery

Support Adaptive Action Sports athlete, coach and youth mentor, Andrew Hale, was in a snowboarding accident suffering SCI and TBI injuries.  This grant will support Andrew's road to recovery.

"In order to be the change that one would like to see for a fellow peer they need to be so devoted to a cause that they live and breathe it. They manifest something that was intangible into something that they can grab a hold to. Andrew Hale has that special notion within him. I am nominating Andrew because before his life threatening accident this year he had devoted himself to Becoming The Change. Thru the non profit organization Adaptive Action Sports, Andrew had worked relentlessly to assisting the future generation of adaptive skateboarders and snowboarders. He trained, coached, and out reached to these adaptive athletes and his impact and expertise were priceless. If awarded the grant will be used to help combat some of the extensive medical bills that Andrew has incurred. Craig Hospital is the best for SCI and TBI injuries, but in being the best comes with a high price so the 10k will be broken down to pay for therapies or targeted as a whole for a cost such as the helicopter lift from the mountain to the hospital."     

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